Spartan’s Teraz Fund Podcast with CAASA’s James Burron

Oct / 25 / 20

Mark Zaret of Spartan Fund Management’s Teraz Fund and Nelson Thall of HVR Technologies Inc. – one of the Fund’s portfolio companies – recently sat down with James Burron, head of the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets (CAASA) to discuss both (i) the underlying strategy of our award-winning Teraz Fund and (ii) the specifics of one of the Fund’s featured private holdings.


Teraz invests in a diversified portfolio of Canadian small and micro-cap equities.  The Fund is long-biased, taking long positions in early stage companies run by successful entrepreneurs, including start-ups, listed cash-rich shells, merger and acquisition candidates as well as deep fundamental value and turnaround opportunities.


Teraz is up over +25% so far this year and was up +57.2% in 2019.  In 2016 – when the Fund was up +85.88% – it was named by Prequin as one of the Top Performing Hedge Funds, Top Performing Equity Strategies and Top Performing Discretionary Strategies in the world.


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