Spartan’s Perisen Life Settlements Podcast with CAASA’s James Burron

Oct / 25 / 20

Gary Ostoich, President of Spartan Fund Management, and John Norman, the portfolio manager of Spartan’s Perisen Life Settlements fund recently sat down with James Burron, head of the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets (CAASA) to discuss Life Settlements as an asset class.


This unique investment strategy – that provides an investor with a tax efficient stream of cash flows completely uncorrelated with any other strategy or index – has proven quite useful in these times of increased market volatility.


For taxable investors in the most recent Perisen fund, after-tax returns are targeted in the 7-8% range (equivalent to pre-tax returns of 14%-16%) with (i) low correlation to all other assets classes and (ii) low volatility.


Spartan has raised to date close to $200M for deployment into this asset class and will soon be looking to raise additional capital for a new fund.


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