StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund

The StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund invests primarily in equity securities of North American publicly listed companies that operate in, or derive a meaningful portion of their revenue or earnings from, the cannabis industry or related industries, such as cannabis production and distribution, biopharmaceuticals and other ancillary businesses including edible and infused cannabis products, nutraceuticals, real estate, technology, security solutions, financing, delivery systems and retail distribution.

Current Monthly Report

Why Invest?

  • Interested in gaining exposure to the growing cannabis industry

  • Active management in an area that is dominated by ETFs

  • Investment team has experience investing in the cannabis sector since 2013

  • Performance fees only paid if fund beats index

  • Suitable for investors seeking long-term growth who can tolerate high risk

Fund Details

Legal structure
Actively managed North American cannabis fund
Fundserv Code
A: SPA1301
F: SPA1305 
RSP Eligible
Subscription Frequency
Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Minimum Investment
C$500 initial and C$100 thereafter
Canadian dollars
Management Fee
A: 2.00% per annum (incl. 1.00% pa trailer fee to advisors)
F: 1.00% per annum 
Performance Fee
North American Marijuana Total Return Index
High Water Mark
Lock-up Period
Redemption Frequency
Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Redemption Notice
1 business day
Early Redemption Fee
2% if redeemed within 30 days