PG Global Private Equity Canada Access Fund (“PG Canadian Feeder Fund”) is a Canadian trust established to gain access to certain strategies offered by Partners Group Global Value SICAV (“Master Fund”).  The PG Canadian Feeder has exclusive access to the Master Fund in Canada.  Spartan Fund Management Inc. is the investment fund manager of the PG Canadian Feeder Fund.


Partners Group (Luxembourg) S.A. is the fund manager of the Master Fund which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Partner’s Group Holding AG (“Partners Group”).  Partner’s Group is a global private market asset management firm managing over C$180B.


The objective of both the Master Fund and consequently the PG Canadian Feeder Fund is to obtain superior returns and to achieve capital growth over the medium- and long-term by investing in various private equity strategies.  Private equity covers a broad range of investment opportunities including management/leverage buyouts, venture capital and special situations, and may also include debt transactions, private real estate and private infrastructure investments.


The Master Fund shall be invested in a range of investments including but not limited to private companies, private equity funds, listed private equity investments, mezzanine direct investments and pooling vehicles.

Current Monthly Report

Why Invest?

  • Access to large global private equity manager
  • PG Canadian Feeder Fund is an open-ended fund that permits investors to invest monthly and redeem monthly, and therefore avoid potentially long lock-ups typically required for private equity investments
  • Private equity can provide diversification within traditional equity and fixed-income portfolios
  • PG Canadian Feeder Fund has exclusive access in Canada to strategies offered by Master Fund
  • Suitable for investors seeking long-term growth who can tolerate medium risk

Fund Details

Legal structure
Private Markets
Fundserv Code
Class I (CAD) Class USI (USD)
SPA 607P SPA 608P
RSP Eligible & TFSA Eligible
Minimum Initial Purchase
Class I (CAD) Class USI (USD)
C$ 5,000 U$ 5,000
Subscription Frequency
Monthly, on the 15th
Management Fee
Onshore fees Offshore fees
0.20% 1.50%
Canadian dollars and US dollars
Performance Fees
Onshore fees Offshore fees
None Direct Investments: 15% over an 8% hurdle rate.
Secondary Investments: 10% over an 8% hurdle rate on each investment
Private Debt Investments: 10% over a 4% hurdle rate
See Offering Memorandum for full details of performance fee calculations


Distribution Options
Re-invested annually
Redemption Frequency
Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice
65 calendar days prior to the last business day of each calendar month