Perisen Life Settlements Corporation [CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW INVESTORS]

Perisen’s strategy is to acquire, in the secondary market, a diversified portfolio U.S.  life insurance policies.  A life insurance policy is an asset owned by the policyholder that can, in many jurisdictions, be sold like any other asset. It can be economically beneficial for policyholders to sell – e.g., seniors who no longer need the coverage or find the premiums unaffordable in retirement. These parties are faced with abandoning their policies for little or no value, so selling their insurance policy provides a way for them to receive fair economic value for their policy. Perisen’s strategy is to acquire a portfolio of U.S. Life Settlements (insurance policies), pay the premiums and then collect the benefit proceeds. The difference between this payout and the initial purchase price (net of the premiums) represents the fund’s return.

Why Invest?

  • Exposure to an unusual asset class that institutions have been investing in for years
  • Returns uncorrelated to capital markets
  • Provides tax efficient distributions
  • Suitable for investors seeking long-term growth accompanied with low risk

Current offering closed to new subscriptions – please contact us if interested in participating in future offerings.