FORT Global Diversified (Canada) Trust

FORT is a $6 billion AUM, Washington DC-based, research-driven, multi-strategy quant investment manager. FORT’s global diversified strategy has a track record going back to 1993 and has compounded at double digits with an investment objective to achieve attractive absolute rates of return that are generally uncorrelated with global equity markets. FORT is primarily an institutional investment manager with a broad roster of institutional clients including pension funds and global wealth management platforms.

Why Invest?

  • Interested in a quantitative approach featuring four underlying strategies: i) global trend following, ii) global contrarian, iii) mean reversion and iv) equity market neutral.  We believe this is the only fund of its kind available in Canada.

  • Invests in a strategy that has been running since 1993 that seeks to exploit persistent imperfections in the market driven by human behaviour.

  • Interested in a strategy that traditionally has had low volatility and low correlation to North American equity markets.

  • Want exposure to a diverse investment universe – risk is allocated across 50 different deep and highly-liquid trading markets along 80 different quantitative models and hundreds of different time frames.
  • Investment team is surrounded by a deep pool of research and operational personnel – over 50 employees across research, investment and operational functions.

  • Investment team has extensive experience in this strategy.

  • Material commitment of investment team and senior management which includes FORT founders Dr. Yves Balcer and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar (former senior portfolio managers at the World Bank where they managed a $25 billion global bond portfolio.

Fund Details

Fundserv Code
A: SPA1600
F: SPA1602
RSP Eligible
Subscription Frequency
Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Minimum Investment
$25K (accredited investors only)
Canadian dollars
Management Fee
A: 2% per annum
F: 1% per annum
I: 2% per annum
Performance Fee
A: 20% per annum
F: 20% per annum
I: 20% per annum
High Water Mark
Yes. No reset.
Lock-up Period
Redemption Frequency
Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Redemption Notice
2 business days
Early Redemption Fee