ElevenFund is a short-term, momentum trading fund focused on the Canadian equity market that targets superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the TSX, as measured by the Sharpe and MAR (‘gain-to-pain’) ratios. The Fund places significant emphasis on liquidity and on crystallizing open profit positions. The Fund does not invest in private securities.

Current Monthly Report

Why Invest?

  • Fund is targeted to capture a significant portion of TSX gains in strong up markets but have lower volatility and smaller losses than the TSX in down markets.  In all market conditions, focus is on liquidity and on profit-taking.

  • Short term directional Canadian equity trading fund that typically goes 40-60% cash at end of each day

  • Significant investment by portfolio manager ensures good alignment of incentives between manager and investor

Fund Details

Short-term trading
Fundserv Code
A: SPA400
F: SPA410
RSP Eligible
Subscription Frequency
Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Minimum Investment (accredited investors only)
C$ 25,000
Canadian dollars
Management Fee
A: 2% per annum
F: 1% per annum
Performance Fee
High Water Mark
Yes. No reset. Crystallized annually
Lock-up Period
Redemption Frequency
Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice
7 Calendar Days
Early Redemption Fee