BB Fund (Canada) LP

The Fund aims to provide unitholders with long-term capital appreciation through exposure, ultimately, to the returns of Boothbay Diversified Alpha Master Fund Ltd. (the “Boothbay Master Fund”), which is managed by Boothbay Fund Management, LLC based in New York. The Boothbay Master Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of investment managers managing niche strategies that target low correlation to the S&P 500 and high risk adjusted returns. There is no restriction on strategies, but they may include fundamental long/short, capital markets, commodity and currency arbitrage, event driven, fixed income and quantitative market neutral.

Current Monthly Report

Boothbay Master Fund Report

Why Invest?

  • Gain access to a multi-manager and multi-strategy approach to investing.
  • Interested in a strategy that targets above-average capital appreciation by opportunistically trading and investing in a wide variety of securities, instruments, and other investment opportunities and engaging in a broad array of trading and investment strategies through the Boothbay Master Fund.
  • Although past performance may not be indicative of future results, the past performance of the Boothbay Master Fund has exhibited low volatility through a range of market environments
  • Suitable for investors seeking long-term growth with low risk 

Fund Details

Legal structure
Limited Partnership
Multi-manager / Multi-strategy
Fundserv Code
F1A: SPA1800 (regular units – founders class)
F1R: SPA1804 (regular units)
F2R: SPA1808 (regular units)
F2RE: SPA1806 (enhanced exposure [1.3x] units)
F2AE: SPA1802 (enhanced exposure [1.3x] units – founders class)
RSP Eligible
Subscription Frequency
Monthly, on the second last business day of each month
Minimum Investment (accredited investors only)
US$ 100,000 and US$ 10,000 thereafter
US dollars
Management Fee
F1A: 1.25% per annum
F1R: 1.50% per annum
F2R: 1.50% per annum
F2RE: 1.83% per annum
F2AE: 1.50% per annum
Performance Fee
F1A: 28.75%¹
F1R: 31.25%¹
F2R: 30.00%¹
F2RE: 30.00%¹
F2AE: 30.00%¹
¹ Performance fees for individual managers differ but in aggregate, they are approximately 20% (which are included in the fees above).
Lock-up Period
Redemption Frequency
Quarterly, on the last business day of each quarter
Redemption Notice
65 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee
F1A: 3% if redeemed prior to 1 year
F1R: 3% if redeemed prior to 1 year
F2R: 3% if redeemed prior to 1 year and 2% if redeemed between 1-2 years
F2RE: 3% if redeemed prior to 1 year and 2% if redeemed between 1-2 years
F2AE: 3% if redeemed prior to 1 year and 2% if redeemed between 1-2 years