A team of experienced and driven individuals seeking unique investment opportunities.

The shell and spiral represent the Fibonacci sequence which is relied upon in finance and was founded by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.

We believe our competitive advantage is our collective expertise in identifying and making available niche strategies.

We seek out particular strategies that we believe will provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and/or meet a specific need of an investor within his or her portfolio.


These strategies tend to be niche, capacity constrained and/or non-conventional when compared with traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

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Oct / 25 / 20

Spartan’s Teraz Fund Podcast with CAASA’s James Burron

Mark Zaret of Spartan Fund Management’s Teraz Fund and Nelson Thall of HVR Technologies Inc. – one of the Fund’s portfolio companies – recently sat down with James Burron, head of the Canadian Association of...

Oct / 25 / 20

Spartan’s Perisen Life Settlements Podcast with CAASA’s James Burron

Gary Ostoich, President of Spartan Fund Management, and John Norman, the portfolio manager of Spartan’s Perisen Life Settlements fund recently sat down with James Burron, head of the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets...

Oct / 24 / 20

Positive Impact of Upcoming US Elections on the Global Cannabis Market

The cannabis market in Canada has gone through a substantial correction since cannabis was legalized.  The market is continuing to evolve, and this includes the greater acceptance of cannabis in the US which is where...

Jul / 09 / 20

Spartan Fund Portfolio Manager is featured in Globe & Mail

Ed Sollbach, portfolio manager of the MM Fund discussed investment ideas in a Globe and Mail interview. Click here to view the article. 

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