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"Special thanks to onTREND Fund and Tim Burgess, Chief Strategist for the fund, for its generous donation. We have specifically targeted Bay Street in our fundraising efforts and it is great to get their support.   OnTREND is a great hedge fund that gives 10% of its performance fees to Children's Charities."                 Peter Hodson, CEO, 5i Research Inc. 

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Fund Description

onTREND Fund is a discretionary trend following fund focused on listed North American equities. The strategy of the Fund incorporates a quantitative trend following system, overlaid with fundamental analysis, that is utilized on a discretionary basis to enter into both long and short positions.  The Fund's objectives are to produce double digit returns while minimizing drawdowns and maximizing the profit potential of winning trades.


Fund Details
Strategy Discretionary trend following equities
FundSERV Class A: SPA150
Class F: SPA160 (fee-based advisors only)
RSP Eligible Yes
Subscription Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Minimum Investment $25,000 initial and $5,000 subsequent (accredited investors)
Currency Canadian dollars
Management FeeClass A:  2.00% per annum (incl. 1% trailer fee to advisors)
Class F:  1.00% per annum
Performance Fee Class A:  20%
Class F:  20%
High Water Mark Yes, no reset
Lock-up Period None
Redemption Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice 7 days
Early Redemption Fee None
Manager/Trustee Spartan Fund Management Inc.
Prime Broker/Custodian CIBC
Auditor Deloitte LLP
Fund Administrator SGGG Fund Services Inc.
Legal Counsel McMillan LLP
Inception Date January 1, 2013





















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