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Fund Description

qmetrica uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify and capitalize on statistical patterns that are present in security prices. The portfolio, which focuses on large-capitalization U.S.- and Canadian-listed equities, consists of approx. 60 positions and is rebalanced on a weekly basis. The net exposure of the portfolio is also adjusted dynamically every week in order to maximize returns, yet maintain the level of risk exposure substantially below that of the market benchmarks. In addition, the Fund’s downside risk is hedged through the periodic use of short-selling and derivatives based on the output of our model. See Offering Memorandum for full details.

Head of Research

Ivan Medovikov holds a Ph.D. degree in econometrics from Western University, Canada, and serves as an assistant professor at the Department of Economics at Brock University, Canada. In addition to his work at qmetrica, he actively teaches and conducts ongoing research in the areas of non-parametric, financial, and time-series econometrics. Ivan formerly worked as a research assistant at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa.

Fund Details
Strategy Quantitative equities (pattern recognition)
RSP Eligible No
Subscription Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Minimum Investment US$25,000
Investor Qualifications Accredited investors only 
Currency US dollars
Management Fee Class A:  2.00% per annum (incl. 1% trailer fee to advisors)
Class F:  1.00% per annum (fee-based advisors only)
Class I:  2.00% per annum (available until the fund reaches US$25m)
Class X: 2.00% per annum (available until the fund reaches US$7m, or earlier at the Manager's discretion)
Performance Fee Class A/F:  20%
Class I:  10%
Class X:  None 
High Water Mark Yes, no reset
Lock-up Period None
Redemption Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice 7 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee 4%, unless units are held for at least 6 months
Manager Spartan Fund Management Inc.
Prime Broker BMO Capital Markets
Legal Counsel McMillan LLP 
Inception Date June 1, 2014


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"SPARTAN" Pertaining to the people of Sparta, the meaning of the word itself reflects this ancient civilization’s disciplined, simple and concise aesthetic.