NAV/Unit (as at Jan 31/18):

  • Class A:   $6.8720
  • Class F:   $7.1861

Fund Description

Avondale is an income oriented fund that invests in equity-linked structured products issued by highly rated financial institutions.  The Fund’s investment objective is to generate consistent income, while minimizing downside risk.  The Fund will initially target fixed monthly distributions of 8% per annum.  The equities that are linked to the structured products will be selected based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis of the underlying equity, as well as how it correlates with the existing portfolio. See Offering Memorandum for full details. 

Fund Details
Strategy Income fund
Monthly Distributions 8% per annum 
FundSERV code Class A: SPA240
Class F: SPA242 (fee-based advisors only)
RSP Eligible Yes
Subscription Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Minimum Investment US$25,000 (accredited investors)
Currency US$
Management Fee Class A: 2% per annum (incl. 1% trailer fee to advisors)
Class F: 1% per annum (fee-based advisors only)
Lock-up Period None
Redemption Frequency Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice 7 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee None
Advisor/Trustee Spartan Fund Management Inc.
Prime Broker/Custodian BMO Nesbitt Burns
Auditor Deloitte LLP
Fund Administrator SGGG Fund Services Inc.
Inception Date April 1, 2014



















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